Jul 19

In Times Like These

We live in trying and querulous times. Everyone is uneasy because of something. The economy sucks. We are in an election year. People are fighting for progress, people are fighting for the status quo, and people are fighting to return to some idealized past. This is the time when people yell angrily and passionately, trying to be heard. These are times of major strife that can rip people, institutions, and nations apart.

I’m not saying these fights are wrong. I might not agree with them, but I agree with people’s rights to try to change their worlds as long as they use the right methods. I wish people would take more deep breaths (myself included) and think through before they yell.

I wish more people, myself included, were like this goat:

Be the goat

I’ve noticed I get very very angry about the things I care about. I write long rants here about feminism, gay rights, mommy sharks, douche bags… You name it. I’m not going to stop, because I believe in holding up my end of the contract laid before my by the Constitution and attempt to be an active participant in my country. I have decided, though, to take deep breaths when I get all angry and want to rant. I’ve also decided to try and spread the happy along with ranty.

I get so filled up with all that is wrong with the world, I have a hard time focusing on the good. I am a happy person, though, who has a tendency to be freakishly optimistic in a jacked up sort of way. (One of my favorite attitude adjusters for myself is to think: None of us are making it out of life alive, might as well shut up, be nice, and try to be as happy as we can while we are here.) I’m going to make an effort to post as much of the happy I can find on the internet on this site. Silly, goofy, funny things that make me happy belong on a site that is about me.

And with that here is a link to a Buzzfeed list that makes me cry and my heart fill every time.

If you guys have anything that you think belong on this list e-mail me, link in a comment, or share on the site’s Facebook page. We should all have a list of happy together.



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    • Amy (T) on July 19, 2012 at 9:37 pm
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    Glad I decided against that tangential mommy-feminist rant I was contemplating on your last post!

    1. LOL What did I write that pissed you off?

        • Amy (T) on July 20, 2012 at 4:08 am
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        You didn’t piss me off, I said it was tangential (really OT). It didn’t have to do what you said, Most discussions of pregnancy, childbirth and rearing tend to get my panties in a bunch (crazy, I know). It may be stemming from the fact that I’m sick of being pregnant! Thus, I decided to hold my Internet tongue.

  1. in my defense, the guy named his company “Love” and he’s practically e-harassing anyone wearing nike products. sometimes trolls just need to be trolled to stop the trolling. for a minute.

    okay, you’re right. i was pissy and upset, but he TOTALLY had it coming. just sayin’.

    1. What in the nine hells are you talking about?

        • tina on July 20, 2012 at 7:23 am
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        I thought you were giving me the “le sigh” for trolling the nike crusader.

        1. LOL I had no idea you trolled a Nike crusader.

  2. Sheesh, I was trying to write a happy, uplifting post and I find out that something which was supposed to be a sweet honorific to my friend who just had a baby made some wrath and Tina is a paranoid freak.

      • Amy (T) on July 20, 2012 at 4:10 am
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      I’m not very good at being the goat. I need to try though.

      1. I love you Amy. You keep up the fire fire and the passion.

  1. […] I poised my fingers to type a scathing response about how patently untrue their statements were. I was going to tell them all about it. Then I remembered the sweet sweet baby internet goat. […]

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