Sep 13

On A Much Less Rage-y Note

corgi baby

Required Monthly Corgi is brought to you by Renee who left this on my Facebook page yesterday, because she is sweet and epic.

So, uh, yeah sorry about the two previous posts. I have no excuse other than being a hormonal hulk. I’m better now.

Tuesday I traveled an hour north to spend some time with the Tina family. We were busy, so no post. I’m still at the Tina house, but we aren’t busy so I am posting. In fact, we are so not busy I am still in the most awesome white trash tank top and shorts in existence, because that’s how I roll.

I have no idea how long I will be here, and I am okay with it.

My page count on my writing always sucks when I am here, but it does wonders for my writing anyway. Sometimes in order to step out of your world and write a new world you have to change the world around you. It doesn’t hurt that Tina has read my current project, loves it, and is willing to talk to me about it for hours. She also understands the glazed over look I get when I am figuring out stuff in my head.

Plus, listening to children attempt to kill each other in the bathtub does something good for my soul.

I never realize how wrapped up into my own little world I get until I step out of it. I get so involved in my own dramas and emotions and thoughts I lose other bits of me. Sometimes I don’t wonder if that isn’t one of the major ongoing struggles with life, remembering all of who we are.

Okay, so I just learned a lesson, never try to blog with a hyper bored four year-old running around. It is pretty funny to watch her follow her mom while her mom paces around talking on the phone.

I am going to go participate in life. BBL


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    Aw, shucks…

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