Sep 20

The Blogospere is Telling Me Something

Just let the fuzzy dog do his job.

I’ve tried to write a post three times today. The first two where just ‘meh,’ and the third attempt was semi-decent until I blew it up. BLEW IT UP. It was about happiness and how I am blessed and shit. I think something is telling me you people aren’t wanting to read about that, and I am not going to attempt to write about it again out of fear of losing a digit to my laptop imploding from not listening the first three times.

I think my attempts to be genuine and show even the rough, oddly shaped bits of myself in an experiment of vulnerability and self acceptance is noble and worthy, but I like my eyeballs. I don’t want to risk damaging them in a random spontaneous combustion incident. I know, I know, I’m a pansy.

I can live with it since I still have ten fingers and both of my mostly functioning eyeballs.

So, today look at this BAMF white fuzzy dog going to save the day. Go, white fuzzy dog, go!


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