Nov 15

It’s part of my charm

“Dood, we have some SICK LARPING sessions.”

Okay, Okay… I am terrible this month. I won’t try to make excuses for myself, I will only beg forgiveness. I haven’t really been writing or anything cool. I’ve just been trying to get my shit together. Sometimes a person just has to get their shit together.


I’m one of those people who look at big tasks with huge, fearful eyes and get overwhelmed. I’ve decided to take things in smaller bites.

I get all of my normal stuff done in a day then spend five to ten minutes working on a bigger project like organizing or decluttering. Focusing on working for that short time period keeps me from freaking out and I am always pleasantly surprised about how big of a difference it actually makes.

It’s called coping techniques, bitches.

I also plan and list. You can always tell when I’m either really excited or stress because I become a list monster. Next week is both my mother’s birthday and Thanksgiving. I already have my shopping list (or list of mats for my gamer friends) sitting in front of me. Soon, I will have a break down of what days I need to do what. It is how I handle busy times.

I used to think I was laid back. Turns out I was confusing having a low “give-a-shit” with being low key.

No. They are not the same thing at all.

I don’t care much what other people do, and I’m not picky, but, by gawd, I need to know what I’m doing when and with whom. I need lists to make sure I’m prepared. I need time to think and prepare.

I’m a little bit of a nut job. It’s part of my charm.

With all of that said, I’m really excited to try brining my first turkey this year and making my first carrot cake. I’m a massive dork. It’s also part of my charm.


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