Nov 23

Winning (the White Trash Drinking League and Foul Language)

I can’t go into detail about this past week because it involves Bionic Mom way too much, and she would not be happy to have details written here for all four of my readers to see. I will say the woman is handling everything like a damn champ, and I am still very proud of her.

So, here is what I have to say about this week: fuck. Fuck. FUCK. Fuckitty, fuck, fuck, fuck.

It is noon 50 on Saturday afternoon and I am taking a margarita for my back pain. Techinically, it isn’t a margarita. It is a flavored wine product in a box mixed to taste like a margarita.

This was my haul the other day at the liquor store. Tiny, Tiny Wine bottles

This was my haul the other day at the liquor store. Tiny, Tiny Wine bottles

Yep. I am that awesome to get tiny bottles of wine and margarita-flavored wine product in a box with a spigot.

I decided it was also a good way to keep from having to run errands in this crappy weather. If I’m a little drunk, they won’t want to risk their cars for whatever bullshit they need.

Thursday night I had a break down. I don’t feel like I am enough to handle life right now. I hate that I hate that someone always needs something. I hate that I hate that I get catty and pissy because they seem not to care that I am worn out and won’t just make my life easier. I hate feeling like the world’s biggest douche bag. Thursday, in the middle of some super drama, I told my mom I was all she had so we had to make it work. Fuck.

I did get a flu shot. That counts, right?

On an unrelated note: I really can’t be the universes biggest douche bag. That honor belongs to Oklahoma Governor Mary. She decided to cancel all National Guard Benefits to Oklahoma Guard families to prevent any chance of a gay couple maybe getting them. Oklahoma Guardsmen and women have fought hard for this country and this state. They have bled overseas and rescued us when we needed them. Fallin has decided to spit on all of their service and disgrace all of our state because of petty bigotry.  The woman has been an asshat since the moment she took office, but this is a a step too far. Shame on you Mary Fallin.

Time for more flavored wine product.


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