Jul 08

Go Go Feminist LazorBeems *PewPewPew*

Watch this interview with The Princeton Mom:

This woman is all kinds of crazy. The things that changed in me when I finally embraced my inner rabid feminist are the very things my Viking loves about me. This idea that I won’t treat him with respect because I want to help the world “get” (understand and recognize) rape culture and micro-aggression is bullshit. He respects my passion and is proud that I want to change the world and I return that same respect and pride for his intelligence and passions.

Furthermore, just because I want him to care about my day, my life, and treat me with respect does not mean that I don’t care about him or am dismissive of him.

As for the get married in college and ‘you won’t find a man after your mid thirties’, fuck that noise. I can’t imagine how bad of a choice I would have made at 22. I’m very glad I was such a mess and found mine at 30. Some people find their mate at 19 and are truly happy, some are meant to wait longer, like me. Some people stay single and LOVE it. Or, and this is the biggest shocker, some people find MANY loves.

I do sometimes get the *tap tap tap,* I’m ready, let’s get married already before my eggs dry up and my uterus Shawshanks it out of my body, but that is because I have the right one for me. I would rather be alone than be with the wrong man ever again. After being with some really wrongs ones and one very very right one, I will never place myself worth on my relationship status again.

I recognize I was very lucky to find my Viking. Also, yes, much of my future happiness will involve him. That is one of the strengths and drawbacks of pair bonding. If I want our pair bond to work, I have to learn to compromise, and I lose some autonomy. I gain a partner. I gain someone who wants all the best for me, like I do him. I gain someone to fight through the bad crap with and enjoy the good stuff with. The necessary loss of autonomy is worth it for what I get in exchange.

If he weren’t so right for me, then it wouldn’t be. If I allow myself to be treated poorly because I’m afraid of finding a replacement husband (what the fuck are they? cars?) then I have strayed too far from the original purpose of pair bonding.

*foams at the mouth*


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