Jul 23

Random Stuffs

I have a bunch of random stuffs from my brain. I’mma throw them out to you.

I think I'm funny

I think I’m funny

Tall Woman Win: I just changed a light bulb. All I had to do to reach it was put on shoes with tiny heels.

I now have a locking, fold-out hard make up case, a suitcase of my very own (it’s purple), and a passport on order. I’m fucking fancy bitches. The Viking lent me his spare fancy camera to practice using before the trip. Obviously I need it since I took photos of my make-up case and can’t get them off the camera because they are the wrong file type. WHY?!?!?! Still, fancy as shit.

I have angry PMS this month. I’m pretty sure it is giving me super strength. It’s definitely giving me super ranting powers. Also, I haven’t stabbed anyone… yet.

I always freak out in those two or three days right before my period that I might actually be pregnant. I think it is my brain setting me up to be happy about the hell that is to come

Taco Bell chips are made of lard and salt and deliciousness.

Also, their crunchy taco supremes are perfect.

One day a few months ago, My mom and I were talking while I was driving her somewhere, and mid sentence I stopped to point a squirrel and tell her how funny it looked. I ‘squirrelled’ like the dogs from Up in real life. I don’t have attention issues.

The world is being full of stupid: violent, dangerous stupid, and it needs to stop. World stop being stupid.

I had a lot more things, then I got distracted. I’ll leave you with this OCD soothing picture from the interwebz.

mmm soothed OCD.


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