Sep 27

Hate and Bigorty are Not the American Way.

So, I’m going to say somethings that will piss people off, but my give a shit is broken.

Be a bigot if you want. That is absolutely your choice.

Stop telling people it is because you are a patriot or a good Christian. You are being neither. We believe in freedom of religion in this country.  I know it’s pesky. It is probably not your favorite amendment. Well, most religious bigots I know are avid gun people. (I’m NOT saying all gun owners are bigots. As a gun owner, I believe it is far from true, but it is a sad coincidence for gun rights groups that sometimes your most vocal participants happen to be xenophobes and bigots.) If we even THINK about touching the Second Amendment, these same people who forget all about the First Amendment, will lose their fucking SHIT. You take one, you take them all.

Another thing, please don’t post something insanely hateful about another religion, sexual orientation, race, or anything else, and then claim Christianity. I may have my issues with organized religion, but I really, really want to believe Jesus was a cool guy with some lessons everyone should live by. (Loving one another, caring for one another, that sort of thing, not the man being dominant. I could point out history that shows in the early church women were treated with more equality, but I doubt people would listen.) If we are to judge a faith by it’s believers, you aren’t showing Jesus’ love you always speak about. Stop giving your own religion a bad name.

Okay, for the argument that Muslims are terrible. I don’t accept that. But, for argument’s sake let’s say, all Muslims are terrible people wanting to kill Americans, it still doesn’t give anyone else the right to to harm, bully, or attack Muslims who have not committed a crime. Also, again, look to your own religion. I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t say love one another unless they are different than you.

Another thing that makes my head FUCKING EXPLODE. America is not a Christian nation. A true patriot respects and fights for the right for others to hold and practice their own faith. I’ve used my next argument in several conversations, and it gets instantly ignored. This isn’t something I’ve read on the internet or just thought up myself. This is actual FUCKING fact. I may not know everything about history, but I do have a damn degree in it, so I do know something. Several of our Founding Fathers we hold dear, some of the one’s we hold most dear actually, were NOT Christian. They were Deist, not Christians. If the men who wrote the fucking Constitution where not Christian then they CLEARLY did not mean religious freedom for only Christians.

Also, believing Muslim extremist represent all of Islam is like saying the KKK and the people who beat and kill people in the name of Jesus represent all of Christianity.

I sit quiet so much, believe me I actually do, and I know others who do, too, because we believe others have the right to their own beliefs and freedoms no matter how distasteful I find that belief. The problem is, I’m seeing more and more people acting on their bigotry. I can’t sit quiet through that. That would be un-American of me.

I wish we lived in a different world where people did love others, care for others, and respect others. I can’t believe anymore that we do. All I ask is please, please, please if your heart is filled up with that hate, don’t act on it. You are not making the world better. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Just, please.


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