Apr 26

Adele at the Top of My Lungs

My laptop is now dead. I have had fascinating computer luck as of late. I wasn’t going to give up on my trip to Tina’s house so I am blogging from her computer. Just thought I should share.

I was driving up here yesterday listening to Adele “19” and singing at the top of my lungs. I sing terribly but I enjoy it. I was also writing in my head. Last night I had a few drinks then decided to help Tina’s little brother Kyle with some homework. I stopped in the middle of it to talk to Tina about a writing project I have in my head. Today I was following Tina around the grocery store writing in my head. I realized now I am always writing something in my head. I am not sure if that makes me insane or not.

Last night before Tina read my blog from Saturday I told her I thought it was the most important thing I have ever written. I know that sounds self-important and over dramatic. I do think it is true though. I realized with two of my recent blogs that I have a talent for writing short blocks about pain and emotion. I like to write about hope. I realized last night (by that I mean Tina helped me realize) that if I can write about both I could possibly make something really good.

I am in the odd position of having known and loved many people who have been abused in different ways. I am also lucky that many of these people have shared their stories with me. I have decided to write about them. I have been writing the stuff in my head last night. First they are going to appear on my blog but after I feel like I am done I am going to compile them and try to get them published. I have no idea if it will succeed but, like many things in my life, I am going to give it a go and see what happens.

I am going to take the title from the blog that started this idea and call it “A Sliver of Something Better” because the thing that I find the most incredible about these people is that they have taken the abuse in their lives and fought to create something better. I know it is so easy to look at all the unfair stuff in your life and use those as an excuse. The people I know have all used the pain and done better with their lives. My hope is that I can do that justice.

I predict now that I have an actual focus for my writing I will be walking around all day writing in my head more than ever. I will stop in the middle of a conversation and start talking about whatever I am writing in my head. It should be awesome because I needed something else to make me more distracted and strange to talk to. Can we pretend I am eccentric and creative?


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