Nov 17

November’s Theme is…

Welcome to my very first first of the month post. Because I am a masochist, I chose Thanksgiving for November.  If I can write 12 separate unique posts about Thanksgiving, I figure I can write 12 posts about just about anything.  I thought about cheating and writing about family holidays in general because everyone has at least twelve stories about holidays. I know my merry band of crazy family does. Instead of choosing that easy route I took the moral high road and I am going to stretch my creativity or my sanity. I might even have to do research *gasp.*  I mean, it’s a holiday about poultry, Puritans, and Native Americans and, when you throw in family, it has got to be an exciting ride. I also figure if I come up with utter crap anyone who reads this has lost about twelve minutes of their lives tops. It’s not like they were going to use those minutes to be productive.

Thursday we shall meet again and I promise you a stirring and life altering post about Thanksgiving. You believe me right?


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