Mar 06

The Kinder, Gentler Selina

… is not really happening right now.

I decided I had stuff I needed to get done today, so I set my alarm clock for 11am, and then laid awake until 9am. I bumped around my house like a slobbering ghoul until 3pm when I took a two hour nap. I slept and dreamed sweet dreams of ever marriage that I care about around me falling apart and going back to grad school but forgetting that I enrolled until the final day of the semester and having to take the finals anyway.  I was so pissed when my alarm went off.

I have gotten so unaccustomed to my alarm now that it pisses me off even more. Having to wake up to it twice made me cranky.

I am going to tell myself that when I am able to sleep that I will sleep the sleep of angels.

On a happy note, Saturday I am going to help make curtain’s for the niece-on-the-way’s room. It is a sweet happy deal.


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