Aug 12

Oh, Captain, My Captain

I’ve been torn about writing anything about the death of Robin Williams since I found out last night. Part of me feels silly for being so utterly sad because of the death of a man I never knew, and part of me feels like it is a bit bandwagon-y. Then I realized that is all bullshit. Our country is united in mourning of a man whose very presence on this earth made it better. These are genuine feels we can all share and feel together. We lost some one who made the world brighter, and I mourn him.

I love the Jabberwocky shirt.

What really rips me up, what makes me cry every single time I think of it, is that this brilliant man apparently took his own life because of the demons of depression. Our society is slowly growing to accept and break the stigma against mental health issues, but we still have a long way to go.

One of the very fundamental reasons I write this blog is to fight the silence and shame associated with having a mental illness. I’m doing it the only way I know how, by adding my voice and my face to the fight. I write this blog as candidly and openly as I can because I desperately hope one person will read something here and decide to add their name and their face to the struggle against the stigma. Maybe that one person will encourage another person until our voices and our faces are so loud no one will have to feel alone and ashamed again.

This bright, shining man filled with life, love, and kindness should not be remembered for his passing. We should remember him for everything he gave to us. I only hope and pray in my own Selina way his death can serve a greater good by bonding us together and giving us the courage to use our voices.

Thank you, Mr Robin Williams, for the humor and the heart you gave us during your 63 years here. You willl be missed.


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